Why we need your support?

For the first time, the Croatian Society of Schumacher is asking for donations from the public by launching our “Save the Hall, Buy Bricks in the Wall” Campaign as the revenue from our current fundraisers will fall well short of our needed goal of $200,000 for repairs to the roof and foundation of the historic building.

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Fundraising Update

We are very excited to update our “Save the Hall, Buy Bricks in the Wall Campaign”. Our new grand total as of today is $164,660!! Our sincere thanks to all those who have donated.

These funds allow us to proceed with the renovations of our Croatian Hall. We are very appreciative of recent In Memoriam contributions as well as our continued support from charity funds received through the Timmins Charity Bingo Association.

2022 Croatian Hall Rentals available!

We're happy to announce we are accepting Croatian Hall rentals for the remainder of the year. Reach out below to submit a rental request and we'll be in touch soon!

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Thank you for your support!